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So, I am curious... Who's the hottest?

All of us here love Metal men. What's more attractive than a hot as hell man standing on stage performing? Nothing.
So, my question to all of you.... Who's the top 3 guys you'd want to take to bed? Any reason in particular? Maybe they'd be a freak in bed, wild and exciting...
Maybe their body is just so hot, that it wouldn't matter what their personality was. Maybe even need to tape their mouths shut b/c he's such an asshole, but you just want a few hours with him...

Here's mine....

1. Phil Anselmo - I'm sure many of you will list this guy. I don't think any explaination is needed...
2. Jimmy from Eighteen Visions - he's such a pretty boy, fashion metal even. But, if you've ever seen him on stage and that thing he does when he licks his fingers and shakes them at you.... wow....
3. David Silveria - This boy is hella hot. Something about drummers being good with their hands....??
4. Howard Jones - Just a kiss. Something different....
5. Layne Staley (RIP) - He looked like he'd be an old fashioned lover, with a twist of crazy bad boy.

Oh geez, there are so many more....
Have fun with this one!!
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