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Ah, the Cradle of Fitlh concert on Friday fucking kicked ass.

Before the concert my cousins and their friends were hot boxing the car we were in.. there was like.. 10 of them smoking weed.. and me just sitting there bored because yeah I don't do that shit. BUT yeah, they wouldn't let me out of the car and I was in the middle so I couldn't exactly move. Yeah, I ended up getting high because they were being dinks and blowing their smoke in my face (if it's even possible to get high off of second hand smoke when people are "hot boxing" something) If not.. I was just fucked up for no apparent reason.

I've never heard anything by Himsa or Bleeding Through before and they were pretty good, the mosh pit was pretty lame for those first two bands though. There was like.. 7 people actually moshing. Yep.. I think the bass player from Bleeding Through is fucking HOT. lol I liked Bleeding Through better than Himsa.

I saved all my energy for Arch Enemy.. they fucking rocked. The mosh pit was pretty crazy. I got punched in the face a couple times by some guy.. and kicked in the face by a crowd surfer.. and during the ending of the last song I got elbowed in the nose by the same guy who punched me and ended up having to go to first aid becuase my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. But they sounded awesome live and Angela is even hotter in person up close. Her voice is amazing. Some guy was going nuts swinging his elbows around and I pushed him away from me and he came back and started elbowing me in the ribs, he wouldn't stop so I punched him pretty hard in the side.. then he elbowed me again and kept hitting me and pushing me.. and I was hitting him back.. that went on for a while.. until security separated us and threatened to kick us both out. By the end of Arch Enemy I was covered in other peoples sweat and blood (mine also) and yeah I fucking burnt myself out during their performance. I had no energy for Cradle of Filth until their last 4 songs.

Cradle of Filth was exactly what I expected.. they weren't that good.. but were still awesome. Arch Enemy so should have been headlinging the show. Dani's voice sounded the same througout every song. Like.. his growling and screaching or whatever the hell you want to call it was quite repetative because it all sounded the same until towards the end he started adding laughter into it. The chic backing him up was a very cool touch. It sounded cool.. she had an awesome voice.

Yep.. and a lot of chicks came out of that concert braless because Dani asked the ladies to throw their braseirs on stage because he was getting tired of looking at his band members at night.. then the band all gave him the finger then this one person threw her bra up (who must have had ginormous boobs) and he grabbed it and was like MMM STILL WARM.

The people I went with all got kicked out.. one by one for getting caught smoking weed. So, I got to enjoy most of the show by myself since they got kicked out during Bleeding Through. I ended up having to walk a few blocks by myself to the hotel we were staying in. It was gay, I hate the city especially at night.. when you're all by yourself.

Suprisingly.. my glasses are still in one piece.. wouldn't have thought they would be because of the ammount of times I got hit in the face and got my glasses knocked off. Yep, I'm definately wearing contacts to the Slipknot concert next month

I got some pretty cool pictures there. Mainly of Arch Enemy and Cradle of Filth. They kinda suck though but oh well. Yeah, I was pretty close the whole concert.. even though I would leave I would manage to push my way to the front again.

Yeah and sorry if I like kill anyones computer..

If these pictures are too big.. I will just post the links instead..
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