Child Of Bodom (childofbodom315) wrote in fem_metalheads,
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hey im New here n im also a guy if that is a bad thing im sorry but i think this room just kicks ass n its just cool as shit to see girls into metal. but here a few of my favorite bands.....As i lay dying, Children of bodom, kalmah, norther, immortal, einherjer, amon amarth, bathory, burzum, Nightwish, slayer, iron maiden, dio, rotting christ, opeth, finntroll, Emperor, Hypocrisy, Borknagar, Dimmu, Death, judas priest, mayhem, Venom, dissection, dark funeral, skid row, ozzy, eternal tears of sorrow, opeth, in flames, pantera, wasp, iced earth, morbid angel, grave digger, 3 inches of blood, dark tranquility, alice cooper, at the gates, lamb of god, limbonic art, behemoth, naglfar, shadows fall, carpathian forest, danzig, misfits, saxon, golem, grave worm.....theres a general idea of what i like i dont know how to post pictures if somone tells me how i will surely post a few up but yeah peace
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