Jane (ahh_hhh) wrote in fem_metalheads,

sorry they are so big but i dont have time right now to make them smaller. i have to go to school. but i will try when i get back

i was climbing a tree and it bent.lol.

mine and nikkis shoes in a puddle

me and nikki. im the one in the red shirt

....lol, ya

anyone want some vinegar?

man, im just so cool.

haha, sorry.


...i was in a bush!lol

and then a wreath!!

...i was bored.

2 out of the 5 colors of my hair

i dont know what i was doing

one again i have no clue hat i was doing

haha, i look stupid.


im a dancer and i have dacned all my life and no one has ever seen medance so nikki made me do this.

i like this picture.

haha, i was in the air!

i am a leprachun....sorry, i cant spell it but you know what i mean.

also this is my hair but only 2 colors of it.
well thats it sorry there are so many
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