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Oh my god! I died! It was sooo coool! So I was on one gig called 'Rock Marathon'. From 9pm 'till 2am. And I was on my feets whole time. Jumping around with my hands in the air. So there was six bands. I can't remember the name of the first one but I am sure that they are from Banja Luka. They played rock. Second one: Oblik - also the band from Banja Luka. They also played rock. Third: Mane Sagra - They are from B.L. too. They played reagge (wtf?). And then... INTERFECTOR! Progressive black metal! Yay! \m/ But they played only four songs... So if you want to know a bit more about them here is the link: After them.. NightShift... nu metal.. They played some stuff from Metallica, SOAD, Limp Bizkit,... I don't like them much so I was only standing there.
And then... The moment we all waited for.. RITAM NEREDA! They rule! Whole crowd had just gone mad! And me too... Last two songs for this evening were 'Riot' and 'Put Beznadja'. Mine favorites...
So I am tired and I can't speak but I had to write this.. :)
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