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Anyone here live near toronto?

better yet, any of u interested in attending a show at club rockit?

a bunch of buddies of mine play a metal (thrash sounding) type of tune, and i think many of you ladies would like it. They are called Fatality. Their major influences are Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Old Metallica, Pantera..and such:P

nothing like shameless promotion of buddies bands. anyways guys, these are my best buds and its their first show. Its on January 22nd at Club Rockit in Toronto. Their site is

even if u dont live near toronto, give them a listen. its definetally worth it. some demos are on the site. Recorded in a basement on a broken laptop with a 30 year old all things considered.... anyways, enough of that. listen or i shall scalp you all. i expect feedback!:P
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