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A Quiz Thing

I just made my own online quiz, and I wanted opinions on it. I'm sorry for posting here since I don't really intend to be a permanent member (though I might, who knows), but I figured a community like this would be a good place to get opinions on this quiz and maybe even spread it around. I'll be gone within 24 hours or so. If you think me an asshole to join just for this, I apologize.

Anyway, the quiz I made is called What Nerd Metal Band Are You?

All I want is opinions on what you guys think of it. I don't care if you never heard of these bands (I don't expect quite a few of you to actually know any of them), I just want to know if the quiz itself, as in the questions and available answers, are good. For example, did the questions, for the most part, leave a response that applied to you, or did the majority of them leave you randomly selecting a response? If you're familiar with the bands, were the responses for each band too obvious? Does it even matter if the answers are obvious? Could some questions have better answers for certain bands?

Basically that's the sort of commentary I'm looking for, but I'll also suffice with "It's good" or "It sucks" or "Get out of our community".
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