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The following update has been posted at DIMMU BORGIR's official web site:

"Everyone! We just wanted to inform you, what's up in the DIMMU camp as we're about to leave a very eventful year… There haven't been many updates here lately, and the main reason for this is because we've pretty much kept a low profile since we came home from Ozzfest. Thanks to Ozzy and Sharon for the opportunity they gave us playing the mainstage, everything ran smoothly and professional. The way it should be.

"In the upcoming year we will first and foremost work on material for the next album, plus playing a very few exclusively selected festival dates during summer, which will be advertised here later as soon they're confirmed.

"In the meantime some of us will be working on other projects as well, while Shagrath [vocals] and Silenoz [guitar] most likely also will re-record the 2nd album, 'Stormblåst' [originally released in 1996 via Cacophonous Records], sometime in 2005. More info as soon shit hits the fan!"

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