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Last night's Killswitch Engage show at the North Star Bar in Philly was amazing. The place was a 300 capacity bar. I don't think all of the people that won tickets went, b/c it didn't feel like 300 people. Then again, I'm pretty shitty with numbers.
I didn't see any of Unearth, but that's ok b/c I've seen them numerous times, and I know they always put on a good show. I was hanging out with my boy outside, b/c he's always weird about crowds and recognition, that he only runs into the venues when he has to.
But, KsE rocked out, as they always do. My cuz took some good pics, I'll try to post them up when I get the copies.
I really wish more of the bands along KsE / Unearth status could play at these small venues. Actually, they're not even really 'venues' it's a bar. Good shit though. \m/

The nice thing about these smaller places too, is that although it's loud, you aren't nearly as deaf at the end of the night from a huge wall of amps. Rock.
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