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Random Power Metal Splurge

I was sitting here uploading music to my site out of boredom, and since I figure here would be a good place to pimp some lesser known power metal bands I decided to go on a massive linking spree. I tried to organize the bands in a manner that I figured most of you guys would like them best.

Gun Barrel: Battle Tested
Zandelle (U.S. Power Metal! Yeah!): Warlords of Steel
Pagan's Mind: Aegean Shores
Ironware: Holy Man
I don't know what order to list the others, so I'll just list them.
Oddysea: Fly
Beholder: Ring of Freedom
Black Majesty: Fall of the Reich
Dungeon: Insanity's Fall
Cryonic Temple: Swords and Diamonds
Gothic Knights: Up From the Ashes
Wizard: Betrayer
Oratory: Concillium
Rising Faith: The Inner Truth (One of my personal favorites)
Mob Rules: Eyes of All Young
Vanishing Point: Surreal
Magic Kingdom: Child of the Nile and The Iron Mask
Dragonforce (one of my favorite bands): Valley of the Damned and My Spirit Will Go On.

And that is my massive contribution to this community. A mass sharing of power metal, which I feel I am becoming a bit of a connoiseur of (I think I spelled it right). Hope you enjoy.
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