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WAHHOO! I know not many of you like Slipknot, but I do. AND yesterday I saw them in concert at BDO along with Hatebreed and System Of A Down. There was also a whole bunch of other bands.. but meh. I had the time of my life. I didn't dare go into the mosh because I knew it would be brutal, but I still had an awesome view! A whole group of my friends were in the Front ROW in the CENTRE! *Shakes fist*

It was seriously awesome. Slipknot put on a good show but the music wasent that fantastic but I still loved it.

Thinking about good shows prompted me to think which has been my favorite show so far.. and I'd have to say it was Chimaira when they did a tour with In Flames here last year. I'd love to know everyone elses favorite gigs! So, care to share?

<3 Tegan

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