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18v show

I went to the Eighteen Visions, Emery, Remembering Never, Misery Signals show last night.

Misery Signals - I've heard of them before, never heard too much. But, the crowd for them (considering they were the opening band) was awesome. It was packed. Everyone started moshing as soon as they walked onto the stage..before they even played one note. Hella kool. I like them now.

Remembering Never - First time I've seen these guys as well. Put on a high energy, damn good show. Everyone was into it. Very good trash.

Emery - OK. These guys come across as very emo. But, I'll tell you what. It is worth seeing them to just watch their keyboardist go nuts. That boy is out of control. He was into his own world. Very, very entertaining. But, I definitely could have lived without seeing them.

Eighteen Visions - Not sure how most of ya'll feel about these guys. I, personally, love them. Always put on a good show, high energy. Mick, of course, was licking his bass. Hot. Trevor was topless. Hot. Pits were nothing compared to the first two bands. Actually, alot of people had left during Emery. I don't think Philly shows as much love for 18V as they deserve. I wonder if it's like that elsewhere. I would appreciate any input to this, I'm curious. I got to sing a few lines here in there from Jimmy's microphone. That was definitely cool.

Also, I would have thought they would have more inclined to participate in some of the madness of Mardi Gras. Considering it was on South St, in Philly. It was madness down there last night. 100 cops walking around, easily.
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