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+Name: Janine
+Age: 14
+Location: Long Island, New York
+Gender: Female

+Ten favorite bands ( No Order):
1. Mushroom Head
2. Shadows Fall
3. 40 Below Summer
4. Linkin Park
5. Tool
6. Dimmy Borgir
7. Bile
8. Superjoint Ritual
9. American Head Charge
10. Hatebreed

+Five favorite movies:
1. Stealing Harvard
Big Fish..
Thats all that I can think of right now...

+Five favorite books:
1. Gospel Accoring To Larry
2. You Don't Know Me
That's it really, I don't read very often.

+What is an interesting fact about you? I'm not really a very interesting person...But I'll go with my weird obsession with slinky's.

+If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why? I guess a bird, I love the feeling of the wind aganist my face.

+How often do you go to concerts? As much as I can really, it's hard for me to buy tickets considering I'm broke a lot and getting rides there is tough. Sucks being a young'n for that reason.


+As this is a new community, please post our banner in two other communities. Which two communities did you put our banner in? I'll post your banner in CleanTheseVeins and in my journal, the communities I'm in don't want other community promoations, sorry.

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