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Live Covers

I know that I may be considered to be one of the 'old' people at shows nowadays (I'm 23), but I've been noticing alot more bands doing covers lately. And they're covers of the great stuff that helped formed the scene as we now know it.
So, with that in mind, are any of you aware of the Faith No More cover that Senses Fail butchered? I saw them 3 nights in a row, and cringed everytime. It is a damn good song, but, wow. They really should listen and pratice it a bit more. I wonder what Mike Patton would say...

It seems as if alot of bands are doing covers from the 80's - 90's scene. Which, is awesome. But, the blank look on half of the crowds face is nuts.
A week ago I saw Remembering Never, and holy mother F, they covered Pantera's "Strength Beyond Strength" practically perfect!!

2 nights, I saw The Used and MCR covered Bowie's Under Pressure.
That was definitely hella cool.

I don't understand how people could have no idea what these 3 songs are. The kids in the crowd (that know every beat to the band playing) will turn to eachother and say 'what's this?' It's bizarre. But, I guess every generation has those moments....
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