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My introduction

\m/Name: Sarah
\m/Age: 20
\m/Location: South Eastern Michigan
\m/Gender: female

\m/Ten favorite bands(don't all have to be metal bands): Danzig/Samhain/Misfits, Acid Bath, Mortician, Dead Kennedys, Ministry, Ministry, Gwar, Alien Sex Fiend, Johnny Cash, Kataklysm (In general, I don't have "favorites" in anything, these are more "off the top of my head" lists)

\m/Five favorite movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Labyrinth, Pulp Fiction, Cry Baby, Lolita

\m/Five favorite books: Hitchhiker's Guide series, 1984, The ACb, Steal This Book, The Art of Deception

\m/What is an interesting fact about you? I'm a human dictionary

\m/If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why? A cat or any member of the feline family, they're one of the worlds most beautiful creatures

\m/What was the Best Metal concert you've been to? This past Danzig show with Kataklysm was pretty good, last nights Gwar show was fuckign great too... rawr!!!

\m/Wanna see a skunt?
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