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A reply to malady.

Alright, it seems that you disabled comments, so I'm going to post here. I don't mean to spark a huge flamewar, but...

Calm down, girl. I really don't think most people here *really* care about whats "metal" and whats not.

But, I don't think that a magazine is enough to change peoples minds. =P And, like you said, who cares? I don't really like Kittie or Slipknot myself, but I do understand that a lot of people here do, so thats fine.

However, if someone does say that a band isn't metal it's their opinion and you should accept that. So, in short, chill. =P

Anyways...time for a little debate fun. What do you girls (or guys) consider to be metal? What actually makes a band metal? Is it the image, lifestyle, music, etc.?

For me, I don't take the whole "metal" thing all that seriously. In my opinion, a band is truly metal if they're just having fun with what they do. They can be silly and have fun without being pretentious and uptight. But maybe I've been listening to Dream Evil too much. =P Thats not to say that bands that take themselves seriously are bad or anything. You can be brilliant and still be metal.
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