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here is my introduction.

my name is dehlia. i am fifteen years old. i live in stratford, ct. and my genes contain two x chromosomes.

ten of my favorite bands as of the moment include, but are not limited to, alexisonfire, arch enemy, as i lay dying, blindside, christiansen, dimmu borgir, disturbed, killswitch engage, pantera, poison the well, and type o negative.

five of my favorite movies are american beauty, the butterfly effect, dead poet's society, donnie darko, and resident evil 1 and 2,

five of my favorite books are the great gatsby, the vampire lestat, interview with the vampire, great expectations, and the lovely bones.

. . . well, i love to write and to draw, i love pain (i am a cutter), i love music, i love movies. and i love the little things in life, like emotion, hugs, conversation.

i would love to be a vampire because i love how emotion and all of human desire and hunger and loneliness and love and death and the dying can all be represented by that primitive need for blood, the redness, and the warmth.

i haven't been to a metal concert *yet*, but i have been to the 104fest and a bunch of local shows that feature metal bands in addition to punk and ska and other stuff. the first thing i am doing when i get a job and a car is taking my friends to the ozzfest :)
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