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i apologize for writing Vinne Valo instead of Ville Valo. i'm retarded and cant read. i also realized i skipped over the first page of the readers poll so here are the other catagories and their winners:

Best Band Overall:

Best New Band:
Velvet Revolver

Best album:
'Contraband'- Velvet Revolver

Best Album Cover:
'Contraband'- Velvet Revolver

Best Single:
'Fall to Pieces'- Velvet Revolver

Best British Band: Lostprophets

i know not all of you are from Britian (nor am i) but i felt the need to post that last answer because it really ticked me off. Metal Hammer is a METAL magazine. why the hell was Lostprophets on the list of bands to vote for? in at number 2 was Iron Maiden. now theres an awesome fucking metal band. at number 3 it was Judas Priest. these two bands are deffinetly metal and have proven themselves worthy of the title Metal. the last "Metal" thing Lostprophets did was ... well... nothing. no offense to the band. they can do whatever they want. but it just upset me that they were the "Best British Band" in a metal magazine... AND FUCKING SABATH CAME IN IN 8TH PLACE! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD OF METAL! ARRRRGHHHHHHHHH!
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