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Woman's day

Actually I'm not going to write about any specific metal stuff. I wanna write a brief and most probably boring post about women, for this is also a women community not only a metal one, isn't it? 

Today in Italy is what can be translated as Woman's day. I don't know if it's the same in foreign countries, but anyway... It's a day dedicated to 129 women that died in a fire in a New York textile factory on this same day in 1908. They were locked in by their master as a punishment for their strike.

And I have to say that I was stuck at the "who is metal or not" discussion... and this post comes also from that: my girls maximum respect for the metal sisterhood;)

So I want to end this post with a lil bunch of mimosas (that's the traditional gift in this day here, I know they're not the most beautiful flowers but it's Italian tradition!! not my idea, I honestly prefer roses), it's my little present for all the metal sisters over there...


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