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Nightwish have confirmed their tour schedule for Japan, Australia and Europe in support of their current album, Once. As previously reported, the band's intended North American tour has been canceled for the second time, although an official announcement from band, management or record label has yet to be issued.

Current tour dates are as follows:


12 in Osaka, Japan at Namba Hatch
13 in Fukuoka, Japan at Zepp Fukuoka
16 in Tokyo, Japan at Shibuya-AX
17 in Tokyo, Japan at Shibuya-AX
18 in Nagoya, Japan at Zepp Nagoya

21 in Melbourne, Australia at Corner Hotel
22 in Melbourne, Australia at Corner Hotel
23 in Sydney, Australia at Metro
26 in Brisbane, Australia at Arena


27 in Madrid, Spain at Festimad, Parque la Cantuena
29 in Chorzow, Poland at Stadium Slaski


10 in Oslo, Norway at Spektrum
11 in Nickelsdorf, Austria at Nova Rock
17 in Seinäjoki, Finland at Provinssirock
24 in Himos, Finland at Himosfestival


4 in Wacken, Germany at Wacken Open Air
7 in Korso, Finland at Ankkarock
14 in Rothenburg, Germany at Taubertal Open Air
* Mystic Festival with IRON MAIDEN

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