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The System Has Failed

Mustaine having second thoughts?(+ other random info}

Is Megadeth guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine rethinking his plan to disband Megadeth?

Mustaine has said publicly that the latest Megadeth album, The System Has Failed, is actually a Mustaine solo album released under the Megadeth name to fulfill contract obligations, and that he is next planning to launch a solo career. Megadeth has been on tour for the past several months, and Mustaine recently posted a note on the band's website that said, in part, quote, "I am still unsure about whether to put Megadeth into retirement because the tour for this record has gone so well. I was once 100 percent sure; now I am not. I do know that if there is another Megadeth record ever, that the direction of TSHF was invigorating, recharging the old batteries, and was the most fun I have had in years."


Devils Rejects trailer

The new trailer for Rob Zombie's second directorial effort, The Devil's Rejects, has been posted at The release date of the movie was recently moved up from 08.12 to 07.22 after what Zombie called a "killer test screening" held on 02.10, at which the film rated as "the highest-testing movie in the history of (distributor Lions Gate Films)."

The Devil's Rejects is the sequel to Zombie's debut as a feature film director, 2003's House Of 1000 Corpses. Zombie has said that this movie will be much darker and more violent than his first film.

In the new movie, the surviving members of the psychopathic Firefly family are pursued by a cop out to avenge the murder of his brother in the first picture.

Actors Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon Zombie - who's also Rob Zombie's wife - return from House Of 1000 Corpses. They're joined in The Devil's Rejects by horror genre vets like P.J. Soles of Halloween, Ken Foree of the original Dawn Of The Dead, and Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes.

Zombie, meanwhile, is also rumored to appear on this summer's edition of Ozzfest, either on the mainstage or headlining the second stage.


Metal musicians in film

According to the Internet Movie Database, former Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed, koRn singer Jonathan Davis, and Buckcherry singer Josh Todd will all appear in an upcoming film called The Still Life. There's not a lot of other information available about the drama, other than that it's written and directed by a former rock and roll road manager named Joel Miller.
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