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And another thing...*climbs onto soapbox* I couldn't help but notice that some of the members don't think that other members' tastes are "metal" enough - let us once and for all put this nonsense to rest. First and foremost, I believe that is the duty of the creators of this community to determine what is and is not accepted in their community. The rules were clearly stated when we each joined - there was, however, no clause stating which kinds of musical genres were verboten. Second, we should try to keep the elitism to a minimum - we each like different flavors in our "metal soup", so don't chasten anyone else for their preferences. Just because a band is not some Scandinavian skull-licker doesn't mean that is is not metal. Please, people...I mean, we don't ALL have to listen to Jorgen von Hate-the-world.

If two parties wish to determine which is better, "Slipcock" or "Children Of Bo-Dumb"
then by all means, instant message each other or make a phonecall...

Thank you *steps down from soapbox*
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