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On Wednesday when I had the day off from school, I was going to send out a money order to get this this bracelet.. BUT once I got to the post office and was going to get my money order for 3.75 USD it came up to around 5 CAD, which I had no problem with. She told me it would cost money to make the money order, I said that was no problem thinking it would only be a dollar or two. Well, it was going to cost 7 extra dollars to MAKE the money order then an extra 5 for I forget what.. PLUS the cost of the envelope and stamp. Needless to say it was going to cost me almost $18 for a friggen 3 dollar bracelet. Yeah, so not worth it..

Ahem.. yeah.. I'll shut up, I just wanted to bitch about that?

Ah, and yeah.. it looks like I'm not going to the Strapping Young Lad concert.. the person who said he would come with me decided he'd rather do something else. Bastard. haha And as much fun as going by myself is.. I think I'll just have to sit this one out. *sighs*

Yup.. I'm done now..
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