Our Lady of Blades (silverblade666) wrote in fem_metalheads,
Our Lady of Blades

Femme Metal


Tired of the melodramatic female fronted "metal" bands?
This is the REAL fucking shit.
Hailing from North Hollywood is IN THIS MOMENT.
Don't be fooled by the stunning vocalist Maria.
She's NO Otep or Tairrie B. There is not on ounce of conceit within her. She has nothing to proove, she already stands her ground and when she speaks you shut up. Strong and unforgiving, and then haunting and melodic. But she NEVER looses the edge. (Honestly, I'm jealous she beat me to it. But who can compete with HER!)
This is brutal TRUE metal core. I'm not going to compare them to any bands. They stand on their own. Listen and you be the judge.
I don't push shitty music. And despite the fact that I'm female I'm the first to be skeptical about a girl that can hold her own.

Check um out... and spread the word.

<3 & \m/
Tags: music: recommendations
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