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Well it's about time for me to update again. It's been a while. I got a rather distrubing Mushroomhead update letter the other day... It's makeing me awfully worried..


Anyway, it's late and I (br1an) just can't sleep so I decided to send
out a mailing list update to get something off my chest. Being on the
inside, you're always a step or two ahead of the general public. It's
been both a blessing and burden to know what's in the store for this
band. A blessing, because you find out about things as they unfold
while everyone is left to mere speculation. A burden, because it's
difficult to keep things to yourself (especially the really really
juicy details concerning the band's plans for the DVD, the new album,
ideas they have for upcoming site layouts, etc.). Well, I hate to end
this latest update on this note.. but there are things happening within
the band that will affect them greatly. I've already said too much in
saying that, but I just wanted you all to hear it from an official
source first, rather than from one of those idiotic "news" sites that
post rumor upon rumor and do nothing but add fuel to the fire. I just
hope the guys release something for us to put up on the site before
word gets out to every music news website out there. Again, I hate to
end a mailing list update on this note, but something had to be said..
even if it was vague, long, and drawn out.

At least you're in the know.

eternally yours,

Anyone else getting a weird feeling in the pit of their stomach. I'm not likeing the sound of this at all.

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