August 22nd, 2004

calvin hug

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Has anyone here heard of Sanctuary? They only had two albums but they totally rocked the thrash/speed metal scene. "Refuge Denied" was their awesome debut - it was produced by none other than guitar legend Dave Mustaine. The lead singer, Warren, now sings for Nevermore....just trying to make conversation i guess.
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    "The Third War" - Sanctuary

intro to this community beats forward

Im katie
i could be anywhere but here

the bands i listien to cannot be rated in a fav to least fav... sooo ill list a few
Marduk | Burzum | Kult ov Azazel | Belial | Levithan | immolation | naglfar | immortal | impaled | mayhem | Behemoth |Bathory | Immortal | nargaroth | Children of Bodom | Impaled Nazarene

+Five favorite movies:
1. Videodrome
2. Ledgend
3. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
4. Rocky Horror
5. hmm i leave this.. undecided

+Five favorite books:
1. Lords of chaos
2. house of leaves
3. coraline
4. all of laveys writting
5. the myth of mental illness

an interesting fact is that i fuck myself with bannanas, and they hurt if you dont put a condom on it...

oh fuck that, id be myself anytime, dont want to change, nothing is funner than being me

i hardly go unless they are really good bands, dotn want to be around unworthy people.. arrogence tends to hold me back
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entrails of a virgin

i jsut realized that all the music i read you all like, i dont even consider metal, im not so sure about this anymore

im guessing im not trying to be offensive, but if you do take offense, more power to me, i made your sad little body change!! bwhahaha.. im a bitch, and a horney bastard at that....
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    Children of Bodom-Sixpounder (hate crew deathroll)