September 21st, 2004

Hello Girls

I am new here yeay

I just got back from the best fucking concert Ive ever seen. CRYPTOPSY in person. I met them after the show and Lord Worm told me I was cute... I know I could have fucked him but I didn't really want to. It would have been a wicked story.....wait it still is.

Yeah, I LOVE Death Metal and Black Metal
The grind the better.
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my ass.

sorry for the absence

that big hrricane down here in florida wiped us out. no power or running water for 6 days.

but im back now, ready to bitch at new people when the intro isnt filled out right.
but, well, i guess thats all i ever did anyway.
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I just wanted to invite you to join the first and only LJ community to worship Finnish metal god Marco Hietala (Nightwish bass player and also member of Tarot and Synergy). So if you like him, don't hesitate to join us at frozen_viking.</span>

[Delete this if this is not allowed. Cheers.]