October 1st, 2004

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Hello everybody, desperately seeking opinions over in luminaria_fans

They are a fairly new band, somewhat similar to a very nice blend of Moonspell and Type O Negative, with some throaty growls thrown in for good measure. They hail from Poland, and are currently looking for a label. All of the songs from their demo is available on their website (here is a direct link to the selection of songs http://www.luminaria.cei.pl/download/mp3.htm ). They're absolutely amazing, and could really use some support. I haven't heard a new band this wonderful in years. I love all of their songs, however, the first one listed is not their absolute best, and even starts off a little bit slow, for new listeners I'd suggest Irmao, World Built on Sand, or Lust to Imprison. Any comments in their community on them would be wonderful!
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I dont think that i have ever been in a communtiy where i feel as loved as i do here. :-D You guys are awesome!! Cant wait to hear more back from everyone!
<3 Kim
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my ass.


The night when we can all be exactly what we wish we could be every night is arriving in less than a month. What is everyone thinking of being for Halloween? Lets all post about our costume ideas here, ask for ideas for your costume, questions about your costume, post photos if you already know what youre going to dress up as. EVERYONE TRY TO GET PHOTOS OF THEIR COSTUMES on or before halloween! A few days after halloween, we're going to have a Halloween costume contes(thanks to velvetechos for the ideas)!

And no asking "OHHH NOOO, WHAT SHOULD I BE?"

I will put this entry in the memories, so you can go right to it, as i will with all the other contest posts we have here.