October 8th, 2004

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Something I should have mentioned in my intro is that I'm a bit of an elitist... I'm sad to say. Tell me Slipknot is metal and I will laugh, cry and pummel you with a barrage of insults (directed mostly at Slipknot). It's sad because I hate those guys who yell at you for saying that Arch Enemy is a bit death metal, when they really are partially, as they are a part of the bastardized, modernized death metal scene and he has no right to call me a "fucking faggot" when he tells me that Load is true thrash... sorry. Ranting is bad, m'kay?

But yeah, I'm an elitist (although not the type to call you a moron when I don't agree), so I apologize in advance if I offend anyone. Okay? Okay, cool. So on this topic, who else feels elite? What're your thoughts on it?

Also, who has the new Nightwish disc? Just got it last night and I'm very, VERY impressed. My dad and I have determined that Century Child is a more technical album than this one, which is more experimental and expansive when it comes to sound.
Or maybe I should just say that it kicks ass.

That is all.

~ R a i n e y

Bonus Feature - Top Five Nightwish Songs:
1. Ever Dream
2. Walking In The Air/Sleeping Sun (when I burned them onto CD, I melded them into one song because they sound so perfect together)
3. Deep Silent Complete
4. Wishmaster
5. Swanheart
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