October 25th, 2004

Discussion question

Alright- in efforts to get some discussions going, I have thought of a whole shit load of topic questions. I'll try to post a question every couple of days. Some will probably be laming than other but maybe they will spark some more from other people.

What country are the majority of the metal bands you listen to from? If it meant that you could see these bands more often would you move to this country? If you already live there, would you move to a different part of said country?

I must depart..

Since I never know what to post about in these kinds of communities either, and since I already belong to one that I like a lot because of OTHERS' posts, I'm leaving this community.

It was great being here and thanks for having me. Farewell.

Recent concerts I've seen (x-posted)

October 22nd - Twisted Method, Motograter, Dope, Powerman 5000

Overall it was a pretty good show. I was mostly psyched to hear Dope because I can't get enough of their Life album. Twisted Method was alright, I heard one or two songs that I liked but a lot of it just really isn't my style. Motograter was better and I'm interested in hearing some more of their music. Dope was fucking amazing -- Die Motherfucker Die was one of their best songs they played although I wished they would have played Stop because it's a true mosh song. Powerman 5000 was okay.. The End of Everything and When Worlds Collide were the only two songs I knew and I liked them. The lead singer kind of bugs me with his attitude for some reason, but overall the concert was good. I'd see it again.. if Dope was headlining.

October 24th - Earshot and Megadeth

I was surprised that Earshot opened and also amazed by how good they are live. I had only heard Get Away and that song they overplay on the radio before the concert. I'd like to get their album(s) and I would definitly see them again live. The drummer did this amazing drum solo and the guitarist was pretty damn good too and even though the lead singer sounds kind of like Maynard in a few songs, there's a definate difference in style from Tool and APC. As far as Megadeth... wow. Words can't explain what a great concert that was. We saw it at the Joint at the Hard Rock Casino.. it's a bigger venue than the House of Blues but it's still all floor tickets, no seats. The mosh pits were insane, the sound was tight as hell and I could feel the base vibrate throughout my entire body. A Tout de le Mond and Trust were the two best songs they played in my opinion. I wanted them to play A Secret Place and 1000 Times Goodbye but they didn't. It was still amazing. And of course, as expected, they played Peace Sells.

And I'm seeing Manson in two days, so expect a review soon. :D
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Virgin Black

So I accidently found this band while I was downloading songs on SoulSeek. They are AWESOME! So I dig a bit on metal sites and I found something more about them. So if you are interested in, click below ;)

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Just a thought.....

Why is everyone leaving? Even though people here don't talk about metal all the time, I don't think it matters does it? I joined to meet people off of here.... just a thought sorry.

I have a topic to start a convo with..

Is there a band that was cool back in the back but has totally changed thier style and sound and know you hate them? Who and when were they good.

Also is there a song or a band that reminds you of a great time? Who and what is the memory of.

Okay I will shup the hell up now :P


Ok, I have a question for you all...What was your first metal concert? who was it, when and how old were you? My first heavy concert was when I was 14 and I went to see Life of Agony for the first time, at this dive club called Club Babyhead in Providence, RI...It was a dive, but i saw so many bands there from Manson (yes before he was famous haha) to Type O negative and then some. Memories. My first concert, however, was Paul Young haha I was 7 and with my mom.
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