October 27th, 2004

Revolver Magazine's 50 Heaviest Bands Ever

This was found in smnnews.com and posted on the Ultimate_metal community by one of the members. It stirred up quite a discussion there,  so I though I would post it here and see what happens.  (remember though this are heavy bands not all have to be metal bands)

Revolver Magazine has put together a list of what they deem the top 50 "Heaviest Bands Ever". That same list, that appears in the December 2004 issue, is below:

Collapse )

really tough question...

*lets pretend for a moment shall we.*

A fairy metal mother aproaches you and says -
"oh, how us metal gods appreciate your taste! weve decided to allow you the metal monster of your choice."
(by monster i ment musician, but feel free to get creative with that one)


What i was trying to get at was, what one metal man/woman would you choose to 'play' with, why and what exactly would you do with them.

I have yet to find my answer.
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