October 28th, 2004


Not sure how many of you like The Used....

But, I finally got my USED CD! In Love and Death....

They released it like a month ago, but I was too weird about getting it right away. Their last cd was so amazing that I was afraid to be disappointed. And I have to say that I am not disappointed. Kind of like 18v's crossover from Vanity to Obsession. It's kool. There are a few songs that have already grabbed me. My favorite line of the moment is:
"This lust to my brain is like a gun to my head"

But, if you haven't heard the Used, definitely go get their first cd, check it out, then go get this one.
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Ummm yeah....

I was looking through all of the metal groups on here and I found one that said true metalheads, so I took a look. I hated it. They said that you could talk about these certain bands, which was slipknot, godsmack, korn, and alice in chains. Now is it me, or for one Alice In Chains is not metal, and wtf? I am soooo glad this group is not like that :D :D WooT!!!!!!! I mean just because you don't like those bands, doesn't mean you have to tell people they can't talk about them, how lame I thought.
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Ballet Metallica!

Alright, I was in Geometry, of cousre paying no attention, because I understand it already, and I was doodling on my paper and I doodle a pointe shoe. Sh'like in ballet. And I had For whom the Bell Tolls in my head, and then it hit me. A METALLICA BALLET! Dude, it would awesome! You could get Metallica music and choreograph a ballet to it. Think about it, man! I mean, really. When he yells GIMME FUEL GIMME FIRE in Fuel, you could do fuetter turns (multiple turns with your leg kicking in and out). Well I am done rambling about my nonsense.
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hush [by me]

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Has anyone already gone to, or is going to be going to the concert headlined by Lamb of God and Fear Factory, supported by Throwdown and Children of Bodom? I went on October 19th. I just wanted to get people's thoughts on this show. I personally think Throwdown really fuckin' sucks. The vocalist (don't know his name, don't care) thought he could get the biggest mosh pit in the history of the Orlando House of Blues. Wow, was he very.. very.. VERY wrong. Fear Factory and Lamb of God by far had the biggest moshes.

I basically thought it was a good show for the most part. Alexi Laiho's voice seemed a little messed up at times. I could hardly hear him, and I swear I heard his voice crack once or twice. But Laiho's a kick ass guitarist. Fear Factory sounded awesome, of course.. Great light show, as was Lamb of God.

But people were booing Throwdown. They just sucked.

Any thoughts? I know my reviews suck, but I wasn't typing this for a review, just to see other people's thoughts.

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