October 29th, 2004


Besides the fact that the show was supposed to start at 7pm and didn't start until 9:45pm and besides the fact that we listened to the Rammstein CD three times in a row and it was scratched, when the concert actually started, it was awesome. He didn't play everything I wanted him to play but he had so many songs that I wanted to hear, I tried to go in not expecting anything. (Although Angel With Scabbed Wings is one I was really hoping for) He sounded amazing, I love his voice so much. Especially on The Golden Age of Grotesque. I also really enjoyed the fact that he wore his huge-ass stilts most of the time and when he didn't, he was up on this podium with the Anti-Christ Superstar podium because I'm short. (lol)

From what I remember, this is what he played in no particular order:

Sweet Dreams, Tainted Love, Great Big White World, Pretty Pistol, Golden Age of Grotesque, Fight Song, The Beautiful People, The Reflecting God..... and I can't remember any more of the moment. There was a few more.

If you've got a chance to go see him, do so.

sorry if this isn't allowed..

seeing as i'm moving in two weeks, i don't want to bring all of this with me. please let trying to sell it all work.. heh. as for anything that's not priced, just tell me how much you want it for. its alll gotta go. i'll also cut you deals for more than one thing. if you need measurments, just ask. aim: OhPuppie email: fireburntwater@hotmail.com

handmade purses - $25:

black w/ yellow lining and rainbow stars Collapse )
purple w/ yellow lining and cherries Collapse )
black w/ orange checker lining Collapse )
black w/ cute kitties and pumkins print Collapse )
black w/ red polka dot lining Collapse )
black w/ camo lining Collapse )
black w/ light blue star lining Collapse )
light blue denim w/ baby blue achors n' stars lining Collapse )
purple w/ light purple flowery lining Collapse )
purple w/ light blue star lining Collapse )
pink w/ yellow lining and cherries Collapse )
pink w/ light purple flowery lining Collapse )
black w/ orange scribble lining Collapse )


pink and black zip up jogger - says "queen of hearts" on the back w/ a design - size medium Collapse )
pink and black stretch cotton zip up jogger - 3/4 sleeves w/ checkered skull print over the whole thing - size small/medium Collapse )
(this was custom made for me and is one of a kind. sold in store for $59, but i'll go for less)
red and black cap sleeve top w/ black guns printed on the front - size small/medium Collapse )
(also one of a kind, i silkscreened it by hand w/ a part of a print that doesn't exist anymore)
black pinstripe mini kilt - made by dogpile - size small Collapse )
(bought on sale for $70, worn once. i'll go lower than that)
purple spiderweb skirt, made it years ago - size small/medium Collapse )
black, stretch twill mini skirt, made it years ago - size small/medium Collapse )
UNEARTH "the oncoming storm" tshirt - never worn - size youth large Collapse )


UNEARTH dvd - still wrapped - $5
blood has been shed - novella or uriel
in pieces - learning to accept silence
remembering never - women and children die first
twelve tribes - the rebirth of tragedy
candiria - process of self-development


star belt 36inches - pretty worn and i made extra holes in it Collapse )
PLUGS Collapse )
00g flared black/dark grey cateye plugs
0g flared half light blue, half dark blue cateye plugs
0g pink cateye plugs
2g light green cateye plugs

lime green accented pillow $25:

one i made for myself <3

Collapse )