October 31st, 2004



Megadeth Fri 10/29.

Exodus opened. However, I didn't know it was Exodus because they used really tiny crappy lookin equipment- that doesn't matter if someone can use it well, but I was thrown off cuz I thought Exodus was "big" enough to be able to afford much better equipment. Secondly they got a new singer who... sucks. I was pretty disappointed and I thought they were just some opening band who played a cover of "Toxic Waltz" but it really was them! It sounded nothing like the original and their other songs (which I'm not very familliar with) didn't sound like their stuff. Plus the guitarist was abusing the whammy bar on all of his solos... All I'm saying is that I didn't remember Exodus sucking so much.

Anyhow, then Megadeth came on and I can't remember wehat they opened with cuz everyone crunched me as soon as they saw Dave. But I do remember that they played all my favorite songs (and probably everyone else's favorite) such as "A Tout Le Mond," "In My Darkest Hour," "Hangar 18," (HELL YES) "Tornado of Souls," "Symphony of Destruction," (to which I crowd-surfed on!) and played a meddley of "Trust" with "Sweating Bullets" smack dab in the middle of it (to which I also crowd-surfed). They also played some other songs I'm not too familliar with, like songs off of their new album. At one point after playing a really awesome song Dave says, "Two years ago the doctor said I would NEVER play guitar again!" then lifts his hand up and wiggles his fingers around and says "So, what do YOU think??" and everyone of course cheers him like crazy and he goes into another song. After they finished the set they came back for an encore and played "Holy Wars" it was the best closing song in my opinion.

Might I add that the security guards at this show (at the Palladium) were really fuckin AWESOME! They helped a ton of people out while they were crowd-surfing and didn't let anyone fall (including me, a first-time crowd-surfer), and when it was getting insanely hot from the body-heat they sprinkled water over everyone!! Plus everyone in the pit was really nice, probably one of the nicest pits I've been in since Fear Factory 2001. Whenever someone fell down there was always someone to help them up. The second time I crowd-surfed I fell on my butt (haha) and all I saw was a hand reaching down to help me up, it was great! I guess it was the LACK of those stupid "hardcore" kids that throw their fists at everyone and act like fuckin dicks in the pit that really made the pit worthwhile. True I got thrown around like a rag and I have bruises everywhere, but for some reason it's the best adrenaline rush. All in all it was an EXCELLENT show and I give it 10/10. What a comeback!
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