November 3rd, 2004


Children of Bodom/Fear Factory/Lamb of God @ the House of Blues


This shitty hardcore band called Throwdown opened, without my knowledge that they were on the bill, and all the fucking hardcore fucks got into the pit and punched the shit out of everyone. I don't get it, why OH WHY do they ALWAYS put some shitty hardcore band with the METAL BANDS??! Anyhow it was so ridiculous watching them swing their fists at everyone, at one point this giant fucker picked up this small guy who was kicking his feet and he just fanned him around like a helicopter. It was so retarded!!! I got punched in the back so many times even though I wasn't even in the circle pit, they have no respect for everyone, at least the metal people help you up if you fall down or don't try to hurt people that AREN'T in the pit. ESPECIALLY girls or small people. What the fuck is up with this hardcore shit? It' just lame, it's not "brutal" or cool. Not to mention the band was more retarded than our coke-head of a president.

Anyhow, after them Children of Bodom went on and they did an awesome set, as usual. The keyboardist and Alexi never cease to amaze me with their lightning fast harmonies!!! Then Fear Factory went on and sadly they just didn't do it for me this time like they did the other 3 times I've seen them. Burt seemed like he was straining really badly to sing, he was either sick or was tired from all the touring he did this year, but in any case they lacked energy at this show. That's ok, though, they still kicked ass and remain one of my favorite live bands ever. They played some of my favs, which include "Martyr," Scapegoat," "Shock," "Edgecrusher," "Demanufacture," and closed with my all-time favorite "Replica." They also played "Slave Labor," "Cyberwaste," and "Archetype." After they finished I went to get some water and I saw Dino (their old guitarist) jsut hangin out in the back. I wondered what the hell he was doing there! I've seen him at local shows before, he thinks he's God or something. He's probly a dick, and the reason FF broke up before.

Anyway, Lamb of God was also amazing live, but by the end of the show I was too busy making out with this awesome guy that I must say I quit paying attention... heheh...
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This is for our international members - in lieu of this travesty we dare called an "election", a certain someone is now, once again, the "leader of the free world". Ironic that such a title warrants only one country to decide. I, on the other hand, want the members from other countries to express their views on our so-called 'leader'. One would think that the "free world" should have some sort of input as to who should be its leader. For the first time I actually shed a real tear for this country and the world after watching John Kerry concede this afternoon. I fear that the religious zeal of the current administration shall be our very undoing (this is why I am agnostic). Please give me your input, even members from the U.S. - I am fully aware that this post is not very 'metal' but I want your opinions nonetheless...

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