November 9th, 2004

This Thursday...

The Crystalline Effect (Black Flames Records) album launch at Batcave goth/industrial nightclub...

DJs: Regular Batcave DJs, plus Pete from TCE

Live: The Crystalline Effect

Venue: Club 77, 77 William St, Sydney

Tickets: $5 before midnight

Time: 10:30pm - 3:30pm

Visuals: Visuals by EYEBYTE

Thursday November 11th @ Club 77, 77 William St Sydney. With Club Batcave - goth/EBM nightclub. "The Crystalline Effect" are launching their debut album entitled "Glass", released on Europe's Black Flames Records.
Visuals by Eyebyte. $5 entry before midnight.

Emerging from Melbourne Australia, "The Crystalline Effect" combine elements of trip hop and lo-fi with ambient atmospheres, and also use aspects of EBM and electro in their sound.
The band is a duo comprised of Elenor Rayner (vocals and lyrics) and Pete Crane (music) who met in 2002.
Their debut album entitled "Glass" is being released by Black Flames Records and will be available as a double-CD contaning 12 remixes by artists like Ivory Frequency, Implant, Stark and Angel Theory among others.