November 13th, 2004

hush [by me]

Concert Review

My neck and my back are in pain like a mother fucker. But that's ok, I didn't care last night and I don't care now. I have never gone that far out at a concert before. What did I see? Himsa, Bleeding Through, Arch Enemy, and Cradle of Filth. I basically went to see Arch Enemy because it's one of my favorite bands.

Himsa sucked. Badly. The whole crowd was completely fucking dead through out their whole set. They had a really boring stage presence. No one on stage was jumping or running around, and there was very minimal head banging. The mosh pit was non-existant. And to tell you the truth, the music was horrid. The drum would have done a lot better with a double bass in some places. Sorry to any Himsa fans, but I hated it.

Bleeding Through wasn't much better. The crowd was still dead, mosh still dead. The vocalist was running around like he was on speed and the only interesting visual was him rolling around like a retard. The drummer was pretty good, but you could tell he was experienced. Could so a lot better in a different band.

I was surprised to find out how many people didn't know who Arch Enemy was. A lot of people were shocked to see a female vocalist run out on stage. This set was completely fucking awesome. The guitarist could have been a little louder, it was hard to hear in some places. Angela Gossow's vocals are even more amazing live. I was just amazed by her. Arch Enemy has a great stage presence, and Angela can difinitely hang with the guys. The crowd was pumped, the mosh was a good size. This is where I started getting into the show and going crazy. They also played a good amount of songs that I wanted them to play. I really wanted to hear Ravenous (my favorite Arch Enemy song), and they played it last. Save the best for last!

I'm not that big of a fan of Cradle of Filth. Dani Filth's shriek often makes me ears want to bleed.. but I do have to admit, they kicked ass live. Great visuals, the sound was awesome. I was really entertained. My friend Claudia and I didn't really see too much of what was going on on the stage because we were banging our heads and being complete idiots.. But they're better live than on record.

All in all, the first half sucked and the second half kicked ass. Lol.

For those of you who don't know, Angela Gossow is the girl in my icon. :P

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Ok, so I just went to see Lamb of God, Fear Factory, Children of Bodom and Throwdown last night.
Throwdown-Sucked. We got there partway through the last song but from what I could tell, they weren't any good. Next was...
Children Of Bodom-One of the best acts of the night, they did not disappoint. I can't remember the songs they played, except they for sure played Needled 24/7, and I think they may have played Bodom After Midnight. Either way, they were amazing. After that was...
Fear Factory-As great as Fear Factory is, they didn't show it that well. The sound wasn't very good, becuase it was insanely loud and practially all bass. Also, they didn't play some of their best songs. They just didn't seem to be putting the effort in to play as well as they could. Anf finally...
Lamb of God-Words cannot describe their beauty. Best act of the night. They started out with Laid To Rest, Then also played(not in correct order): Hourglass, As The Palaces Burn, 11th Hour, and Black Label. They obviously played more than that but I can't remember the songs.
Such a loud show, my ears are ringing the worst they ever have before, and I love it!

In all, it was an amazing show and if anyone has the chance to head out to the final dates of this tour, I would suggest doing so.

PS-To the drunk girls in front of us on the way back(if they're in this community), asking if you seem sober than yelling "SOBER!" does not make you seem sober.
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Mr.Bell (pic taken from Myra's website)

Just curious- Best/Worst of 2004

One of my friends had this survey up, and I thought I'd share it with all of you to see what your opinions are. I know someone already asked the "best album of 2004" question. But fill it out if you want.

Best/Worst of 2004:
Best Band:
Worst Band:
Best Album:
Worst Album:
Best Single:
Best Video:
Best Live gig:
Best New band:
Best unsigned band:
Sexiest male:
Sexiest female:
Best dressed star:
Worst dressed star:
Best Film:
Best Book:
Hero of the year:
Villain of the year:
Best thing about 2004:
worst thing about 2004:
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Best/Worst of 2004
Best Band: Luminaria
Worst Band: I don't tend to listen to things that suck long enough to decide which is the worst
Best Album: Luminaria - Arche, Ancient - Night Visit can't decide
Worst Album: See question 2.
Best Single: Single? I'm not sure.
Best Video: Nightwish - Nemo
Best Live gig: That I went to... hmmm, liked the show I went to last night. Was more industrial than metal though. Ministry/Hanzel und Gretyl/Thrill Kill Kult/Opiate for the Masses.
Best New band: Luminaria
Best unsigned band: Luminaria
Sexiest male: hmmm. I don't know. I don't really care, heh.
Sexiest female: Musician? I don't know. Celebrity? Angelina Jolie
Best dressed star: Don't care.
Worst dressed star: Don't care.
Best Film: Shaun of the Dead
Best Book: I don't read too many "current" books. The best book I read this year was "Nausea" by Jean-Paul Sartre
Hero of the year: My hero? I don't know.
Villain of the year: Bush
Best thing about 2004: Eh.
worst thing about 2004: Bush getting re-elected.
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(no subject)

Best/Worst of 2004:
Best Band: Within Temptation
Worst Band: Probably...Slipknot...because they always suck.
Best Album: "The Silent Force" by Within Temptation
Worst Album: I'm sure there is more horrible albums than this...but the most disappointing to me was "Far from the Sun" by Amorphis...what happened guys? You were an innovative metal band once upon a time!
Best Single: I don't know...I guess Within Temptation's "Stand My Ground."
Best Video: I guess once again, it would be "Stand My Ground." (Nothing that phenomenal was released this year.)
Best Live gig: Auf der Maur.
Best New band: Auf der Maur.
Best unsigned band: I don't know...I hear great things about my boyfriend's friend's band Dark Faith...but they might have been recently signed.
Sexiest male: I don't know...Tuomas from Nightwish.
Sexiest female: Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.
Best dressed star: Sharon den Adel from WT.
Worst dressed star: Anyone from Slipknot...or Amy Lee (Can we say "Shops at Hot Topic?")
Best Film: Shit...I hate this question...Fareinheit 9/11...I love making fun of George Bush.
Best Book: Of 2004...nothing I have read was released in 2004.
Hero of the year: John Kerry.
Villain of the year: George Bush.
Best thing about 2004: Within Temptation has finally released a follow-up to "Mother Earth."
worst thing about 2004: George Bush won the 2004 election.
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