November 14th, 2004

Epic Shit

Oh, My. God.

Oh my lord, that was the best small show I have been to....

I just got back from the HIM show at the Electric Factory in Philidelphia, PA. I live in Virginia, first of all, so we drove up there.

Auf der Maur was up first, I thought they were okay, but the lead singer was the only animated one and the sound people didn't make any adjustments for her voice and stuff. I have a feeling that their recorded stuff is a lot better than what we got tonight. Some kids behind us were also being rude and yelling dissrespectful things.

Monster Magnet was magnificent. I thought the lead singer sounded like Bon Scott from AC/DC and he was so entertaining. I got a decent view, but I did manage to catch one of the water bottles that he threw into the crowd. That was pretty neat, gonna give it to my friend who wasn't able to go. I enjoyed them and will probably get some of their stuff. I was muchly entertained.

Then HIM came on. Well, technically April and Phil Margera came on to announce that the show would be taped for Sunday's Viva La Bam. So basically Bam & Company were present. But that's not important, what's important is that HIM was fucking AMAZING. He was chatty and animated and was his usual self on stage (drinking and smoking the whole time, of course). They played some of my favorite songs, it was great. I wish I could give you the whole setlist, but unfortunately after the concert and a 3.5 hour drive my brain is pretty much fried.

My friend, Jose, went crowd-surfing a few times, and one of the times he saluted Ville, and Ville saluted right back. People were throwing all sorts of things on stage for him including bras, underwear, jackets, shirts, scarves, bracelets, waterbottles, and....he made note of this to stop...tampons (unused). He joked that it's the best game and he wins the plush toy if you get his head. But nobody tried. Burton (keyboards) was chilling the whole time. Midge (Bass) chased Linde (Guitar) around the stage once, that was pretty funny. A few points his mic stopped working, but it almost didn't matter because the crowd kept with the song and probably could have performed the whole show themselves. At the end they all took off their shirts and he's so wiry and skinny but sooooo good looking. They went off for a few minutes, threatening to leave, but the crowd refused to go, so they came out for an encore.

At the very end I got a crowd-surfer dumped on my head without any warning, so I'll probably wake up and not be able to move my neck. But it was well worth it.

I unfortunately didn't get pictures, but hopefully someone will have and post them to share.

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edit thewindkeeper corrected me:

HIM I believe that Ape and Phil were actually announcing that the HIM show from the TLA will be on Viva La Bam tonight when Phil and Vito compete to be a rock star. Last night was taped by Franz for a HIM documentary that they just inked the deal for.

Sorry about that missinformation, hard to hear from halfway back with screaming :)

The setlist:
Buried Alive By Love
Your Sweet Six Six Six
The Sacrament
Wicked Game
Right Here In My Arms
Heartache Every Moment
It's All Tears
Join Me
This Fortress of Tears
Solitary Man
Poison Girl
Lose You Tonight
And Love Said No
In Joy and Sorrow
Soul On Fire
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hush [by me]

Trivium, Anyone?

Does anyone like Trivium? They're a band outta my city that got a record deal and I'm hoping they have more fanbase than I realize. If you're a fan, can you reccommend some songs to me? I have "If I Could Collapse The Masses" because my ex-boyfriend played it in his car.. But I want some more. Any suggestions before I go on a spree?

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(no subject)

Are any of you fans of the band Ancient? Currently listening to their most recent album, Night Visit, and I adore it. It's much better than Proxima Centauri and Halls of Eternity, but not better than Mad Grandoise Bloodfiends. For those of you that don't know them, they're a black metal band with heavily vampire based lyrics.

Anyway, they have some mp3s available for download if you want to check them out

Also, since this is not a century release, I only discovered this Nightwish album a week ago

picked it up today, although the cover of mine is whitish, I think it is an import from Chile (the one I have), but, it's awesome.
Mr.Bell (pic taken from Myra's website)

(no subject)

Hey guys,
I appreciate all your replies to my survey about the Best/Worst of 2004. For those of you who don't know. I did post an original survey entry intended for everyone to reply their answer to the survey within that entry. Please continue to answer, but if you could you guys take your answers and post them as replies to my entries as oppose to making them your own separate entry- that would be much appreciated as well. We going to end up taking so much space that everyone elses entries/questions/reviews/introductions will be buried and forgotten. I apologize for any confusion this seems to be causing.

(no subject)

Best/Worst of 2004:
Best Band:Nightwish
Worst Band:Good Charlotte
Best Album:Once-Nightwish
Worst Album: dunno
Best Single:Nemo - Nightwish
Best Video:Nemo-Nightwish
Best Live gig: n/a
Best New band:Apostasy
Best unsigned band: No idea
Sexiest male: Tuomas
Sexiest female: Tarja
Best dressed star: Tarja
Worst dressed star: Christina A.
Best Film:Shrek 2
Best Book:Silver's Edge
Hero of the year:Tuomas
Villain of the year: No idea
Best thing about 2004: Nightwish
worst thing about 2004: My life
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Best/Worst of 2004:
Best Band:Nightwish
Worst Band:Slipknot
Best Album:Once-Nightwish
Worst Album: dunno
Best Single:wish i had an angel dvd edition
Best Video:Nemo-Nightwish
Best Live gig: (in Greece) Rockwave Festival
Best New band:leave's eyes
Best unsigned band: dunno
Sexiest male: Aggelos
Sexiest female: Cristina Scabbia
Best dressed star: Cristina Scabia
Worst dressed star:Tanja (lullacry)
Best Film:Grave of the fireflies
Best Book:Harry Potter 5
Hero of the year:Tuomas Holopainen
Villain of the year: No comment
Best thing about 2004: Aggelos
worst thing about 2004: my classmates
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