November 15th, 2004


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Best/Worst of 2004:
Best Band: Killswitch Engage
Worst Band: Nightwish
Best Album: The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage
Worst Album: Once - Nightwish
Best Single: Word Up (sorry, I like Korn's remake of that song!)
Best Video: TIE between "Nymphetamine" by CoF and "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park (you can't tell me the artistry of that vid isn't amazing.)
Best Live gig: SLAYER!!!
Best New band: DevilDriver
Best unsigned band: DEATH PIGGY!
Sexiest male: Tripp Eisen
Sexiest female: ANGELA GOSSOW!
Best dressed star: Cristina Scabbia (also very sexy)
Worst dressed star: Marilyn Manson (like him still, but damn he needs a new tailor!)
Best Film: Team America: World Police
Best Book: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Hero of the year: Everyone who voted against Bush.
Villain of the year: Everyone who voted for Bush.
Best thing about 2004: It's almost over
worst thing about 2004: The Election results.
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Best/Worst of 2004:
Best Band: Rammstein.
Worst Band: Yellowcard, any other pop/rock shit.
Best Album: Nymphetamine-Cradle of Filth
Worst Album: Lamb of God was disappointing
Best Single: Vermillion or Nymphetamine
Best Video: Nymphetamine, 'coz Dani makes me splooge
Best Live gig: Slipknot kicked ass at Ozzfest
Best New band: DevilDriver, though I do miss Dez in Coal Chamber
Best unsigned band: Gravemoss or Dawn of Atrocity, local bands from around here.
Sexiest male: Dani Filth
Sexiest female: Tarrie B from My Ruin
Best dressed star: dont know/care
Worst dressed star: ^^^^^^^
Best Film: Saw / The Grudge
Best Book: Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton
Hero of the year: Micheal Moore for Farenheit 9/11
Villain of the year: John Kerry for conceding/George Bush
Best thing about 2004: meeting my boyfriend, going to ozzfest with him, and seeing Cradle live
worst thing about 2004: George Dubya for 4 more years
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Best/Worst of 2004:
Best Band: Sonata Arctica
Worst Band: Nightwish
Best Album: Rammstein - Reise Reise
Worst Album: Nightwish - Once
Best Single: Sonata Arctica - Don't say a word)
Best Video: Rammstein - Mein Teil ((grr 2 Richards!))
Best Live gig: Bloodstock 2004, Sonata Arctica & Children Of bodom
Best New band: Can't say I really know of many new bands..
Best unsigned band: "Dorah"
Sexiest male: Jani Liimatainen
Sexiest female: Vibeke Stene
Best dressed star: Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein
Worst dressed star: Tarja Turunen
Best Film: The Grudge
Best Book: Winter's End
Hero of the year: my bestfriend Bjorn, He saved my life!
Villain of the year: Bush, simple as.
Best thing about 2004: ...Hard to say really o_o; It's been like every other year.
worst thing about 2004: The election, and there are too many new mallcore bands coming out ;__;
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