November 19th, 2004

live happily

Just bored and felt like complaining about this..

Yeah, ok.. I was having a big argument on the bus this morning with this guy who sits infront of me about Pantera and Damageplan. He thinks that Damageplan is way better than Pantera ever was. Most people wouldn't even have known about Damageplan if Dimebag and Vinnie weren't in it. I mean, I heard a few of their songs and they were OK. But saying they're better than Pantera.. hah.. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!

Bah.. so.. which band do you guys think is better(really no point to this question).. Panter or Damageplan?
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hey guys this is __pistoletta i use this journal more than the other. and so i figure if i have become a mod i better watch it more closely.

you can keep all the stuff in the user info as __pistoletta if you want. i dont care.
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