November 23rd, 2004



Ozzy Osbourne fought off a burgler at around 4am at his home over the weekend. Ozzy had him in a headlock, but the burgler was eventually able to escape by jumping off the second floor balcony. He made off with "a large amount of jewelry".

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    "Perry Mason" - Ozzy Osbourne

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Hey everyone- (I apologize for the plug)
I started a new community dedicated to Sid Wilson, and I just wanted to tell people about it. For anyone who doesn't know Sid Wilson is the DJ for Slipknot. I know there are a lot of people here who can't stand Slipknot, but this is more a community about his solo stuff as DJ Starscream and his other side projects than it is about Slipknot (although obviously Slipknot fans are welcome and Slipknot info will be discussed) Sid's solo stuff is Hardcore Gabber, some of his other bands are pretty heavy. Join if you wish.