November 29th, 2004

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I also found this at ... Nothing that important, just thought it was interesting.

Manny Gonzales of the Denver Post is reporting that Denver police are on the lookout for a man who dove into an audience during a CRADLE OF FILTH concert at the Ogden Theatre, critically injuring a 28-year-old New Mexico woman.

Valarie Markle, a waitress from Farmington, N.M., suffered a broken neck and was in intensive care Saturday at Denver Health Medical Center, her husband said.

Markle had undergone surgery recently, and there is concern she might be left partially paralyzed, her husband said.

"It didn't happen until the last few seconds of the last song," husband Tige Markle told the Denver Post Saturday. "We didn't even realize what was happening till the band walked off the stage."

The incident occurred late Monday (Nov. 22) during a performance by CRADLE OF FILTH, presented by MTV2 "Headbanger's Ball", at the venue at 935 E. Colfax Ave., police said.

A man described as heavy-set climbed atop a guard railing near the stage and jumped on top of the 5-foot-5, 150-pound woman, driving her head to the floor, police said.

The man then ran into the crowd and could not be found, police said.

Tige Markle said he was upset with concert security for not preventing the man from diving into the crowd. A representative of the theater could not be reached Saturday.

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i really dont know what to say, so ill post a Review for Geasa's "Angel's Cry" album, which is a fucking awesome band who mix celtic pagan folk music with black metal. definately worth a listen if you enjoy melodic black metal.

Geasa - Angel's Cry

There is something magical about this release, the passion of the music is the first thing that strikes me as it is so powerful and expressed fully in epic nature that could make this release one you will love and develop with for years. GEASA here have created a masterpiece of Celtic Pagan Black Metal. The simple riffs underneath are very complex blending and shaping various moods within the constant atmosphere of the album.
I find that every time I listen to this album I change my opinion of it. It is never bad, no matter how much my tastes develop and change this is one album I will always respect and appreciate for its greatness. This album is truly a work of genius.

As with Black Metal-acts like BURZUM, GEASA have managed to make the seemingly simple nature of the music something much deeper that when discovered with leave you in awe of its genius. Each guitar riff flows from the previous perfectly and combines together in the whole entity of the song to leave you entranced by its magic. The drumming is like that of PRIMORDIAL (same drummer) and it fits perfectly here. The vocals are expressed with a great passion and energy showing convincing emotions that will effect the listener and inflict upon him/her those same emotions.

Each song is great in its own respect. Personally I find it hard to listen to one without the rest as they seem to be perfectly positioned on the album so as to need the surrounding tracks to make them feel complete, this is one of the strange magical things about this album. "Frozen Queen" I think must be mentioned for its energy. This track will have you spellbound and will capture your attention 100% for the 5 minutes and 43 seconds it is on for.

Overall this album is a must for fans of PRIMORDIAL and also for those of unique Black Metal true to its culture and history.

-The Metal Observer.

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