December 8th, 2004

Satyricon show

sorry this is late, kinda been having a bad week since the show and i havent gotten around to writing this. but anyways, i went to showcase on saturday to go see rise, 3 inches of blood, infernal majesty, and one of the best bands ever, satyricon. and just to be clear, im only talking about how good satyricon was because i just got stoned and hung out outside the whole time till they played. anyways, it takes forever for their roadies to set up the shit, joeys drums were set up for the whole show cuz they "were too cool and big to set up during the show" or some shit, all the young stupid girls and boys were only pumped on joey, didnt care about the band at all, although he DID do a good job of drumming, but i dont think his heart was in it, he just look bored drumming for them, and didnt at all seem into it except when the double bass and faster parts came on. the rest of the band was definately putting on a good show. the singer looked almost identical to Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir. but they did put on a good show, they went on at about midnight, and didnt stop playing till maybe 1:30 i think? not positive, but they played some damn good songs, primeval rennisaince(sp?), mother north, and a shit load more that i cant remember. other than the fact that joey wasnt into it, and all the stupid kids were pumped on joeys "makeup" and how they wanna fuck him with his makeup on, it was a good show none-the-less, what happend AFTER the show however, ended up being the worst few days of my life, but ill save that for own journal thingy. Take care everyone, it was a damn good show, and if you have the chance, you better fucking go see them play.
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Just about to leave for work, and on my way picking up the two Dragonforce CD's I ordered. I'm also going to put in an order for the new Suffocation album, which is supposedly revolutionizing death metal, so I'm gonna get that. Just felt like posting : )
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