December 9th, 2004


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OK, with all the insanity that has ensued the metal community across the nation last night and today, it has brought on some crazy thoughts within.

What do you think about any of the following questions?

Do we have to worry about bitter copy cat idiots?
Do you think this will become more common?
Do you think there are any bands on the scene now that this may prompt some idiot to think shooting a musician will justify a wrong doing within the metal scene? For instance, black guys coming into the scene (killswitch, sevendust, etc)?
Do you think they will heighten security at shows?
Do you think heightened security would even make a difference for someone who really wanted to go through with this?
Do you think that that loser knew he was going to die too?
Does this 'single incident' worry you about going to future show? I mean this happened in Ohio, not NYC or anything....

Yeah, I found out the moment I walked in the door to work, and have not done dick all day. I can concentrate on anything...
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Dear Dimebag:

Everything I've ever wanted to be musically has been inspired by you.
Words cannot even begin to explain the way that your fans, Myself being amongst them, Are suffering.
The motherfuckers god damn lucky The cop killed him first.


I love you, and I miss you...
And if it means anything, your my favorite dead person.

Cant someone bring him back?

Rest In Fucking Peace, Dimebag.
You fucking rock.
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