December 11th, 2004


r.i.p. dimebag

well since everyone is talking about dimebags death, i figured i would share my views on it instead of posting that same news article as if i haven't seen it 50x already.
it's a shame too see him least he die while doing something loved.too bad it couldn't have been a member of limp dick,slip knot or some other nu-metal band that has only contributed complete crap to the music's kinda weird hearing about the silly kids that said they can't get out of bed because they were so depressed when finding out the news as if they knew him or something.from what i've observed about dimebag that's not the way he'd want it.he'd probably want his fans to have a beer in his name and rock out to there favorite pantera album with there buddies.
too bad i didn't grope him the time i was close enough to do so at the pantera show i went to,while i still had the chance. i thought about groping him for shits and giggles but i thought security would kick my ass.
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