December 12th, 2004


Atreyu and Unearth?!?!

I just saw this on Unearth's web site. And, to be honest, I had to read it twice. For anyone who has ever hung out w/ or seen an interaction of these two bands will understand the shock of this.... haha go figure. I am definitely going to this show....

December 06, 2004:Unearth to tour with Atreyu
As most of you now know, we will be touring as main support for Atreyu on a full U.S. tour starting in early February. Norma Jean and Scars of Tomorrow will also be joining the trek.
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I know I don't post here like...ever...but I just wanted to say that it brings a smile to my face to see that people are making tshirts commemorating Dimebag...I was just thinking that it was pretty f-ed up that there are a million and three shirts commemorating fallen rappers...and rarely do we see shirts in memory of rockstars...

Okay, I'm done rambling

RIP Dimebag \m/(>_<)\m/
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