December 13th, 2004

heh ^.*

Some OTEP tour dates: [I am happy]

01/14/2005 Cafe Iguana Monterey, -
01/15/2005 Circo Valador Mexico City, -
01/25/2005 New Oasis Reno, NV
01/26/2005 The Pound San Francisco, CA
01/29/2005 The Catwalk Club Seattle, WA
01/30/2005 Big Easy Spokane, WA
02/01/2005 Big Easy Boise, ID
02/03/2005 Gothic Theatre Englewood, CO
02/04/2005 Ranch Bowl Omaha, NE
02/06/2005 Quad City Live Davenport, IA
02/12/2005 Harpo's Detroit, MI
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I got into a new band called Norther. They kick ass, and I really wish I could get more of their music, and learn more about them. The vocalist/guitarist, Petri Lindroos is major droolgasm material. Not to mention the fact that they have a huge Children of Bodom influence. I think they did one of their first songs featuring Alexi Laiho, but I'm not sure.

Any one have any information?
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    "Cry" by Norther