December 17th, 2004

live happily

Please Help..

Yeah, so.. I last went to school on Monday. I had my CD case in my locker and didn't have time to get it before I left. Some bastard stole my CD's from my locker.. they left the case.. but took the CD's. Also.. my Science was taken. The text book is going to cost around $100 and.. the module I was working on has taken me over a month to complete and now.. I have to redo it. Yeah, the gym clothes I had in there were taken and umm.. so was all my pens and pencils and what not. Assholes.


Christmas being around the corner.. I HAVE to give my auntie a list of CD's or anything else I want and if I don't she's gonna kick my ass. I don't want a damn thing. BUT.. as much fun as getting your ass kicked is.. it's not.

SOOOO.. I was wondering if you guys could help me out by naming some bands and some good CD's.

My mind is completely blank I cannot think of ANYTHING.
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