December 24th, 2004

Shit Factory

Well... I have been banned from _fearfactory_ for speaking my mind.
Whatever happened to the first amendment.

Your gonna make a community about a band, and you post shit where the facts aren't correct, and then the sister of someone that used to be in the band tries to correct you, THEN YOU BAN HER?

I can't even comment on any of the stupid entries?

I mean... why suger coat it?
Fear Factory did some shady shit to get Dino out of the band and now they don't want to fess up to it.
And any one that speaks against what Fear Factory says is shut out.
As if they don't want people to know what really happened.
Real convinent.
They don't give a shit about their fans.
They want them all brainwashed.

Grr... sorry about the rant... I just know I can come in this community and go off on shit like that. You guys actually know how to have a discussion and not turn it into an argument or try and ban me for going against the grain....
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