December 28th, 2004


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So, I had heard of Children of Bodom and heard maybe one song (which turned out to be "Everytime I Die") and thought they were ok. Weeeeellll I finally broke down and bought "Follow the Reaper" and I must admit I'm rather impressed. One thing is bugging me though...

They sound like someone else I used to listen to a long long long time ago (back when the earth was cooling and we had to listen to music on cassette tapes) but I can't place who it is they sound like to me. Any thoughts?

Oh yeah, and to all of you that kept raving about CoB and how great they are, my fiance says "THANK YOU!" because you guys are basically the reason I finally got the cd. (he's hates most newer metal bands)
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Ozzfest 05 Predictions. Damn Good read, make sure to check this out...

ok. There's a link to "predictions" for bands that'll be at Ozzfest. They are opinions based on what the various bands have been up to as of late, and, it's pretty damn interesting.
I thought some of you may be interested.

Holy Fuck if Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Fear Factory, In Flames, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage are on the bill, I will be a very, very happy girl.

18V was listed as a 50/50, I know alot of people aren't into it, but I love the music. They are saying Ozzfest or Warped Tour. Honestly, my predication for them would be Warped Tour, I think they're too pretty for Ozzfest.

PLEASE, please, please pray with me that CKY or HIM will not be there. I do like HIM very, very much, I have bought alot of their stuff over the past few years. But I would very much prefer to have as few "BAM kids" (no offense if you are one) at Ozzfest as possible. I think it's worse here in the NorthEast and in PA than anywhere else. If you are from around here, you should understand what I am talking about.

Bleeding Through is doing Warped Tour. Nice.

Enjoy reading this, I spent the past 1/2 hour learning all sorts of good music craziness. Good stuff...

If reading all this shit wasn't already making my day a bit brighter, I'm going to the chair for another tatt tonight. Rock.
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"..weakness is purely choice..."

Ok I've put this off long enough.

This is my favorite fucking band.
I started listening to them about a year and half ago
when they sent a publicity packet to my brother.
When Dino was signed to Roadrunner Records he did
A&R work. A lot of bands would send him packets hoping he would pass them on to the label. Even now that he does it independantly bands still send him material in hopes that he'll mix their album or consider having them open for his bands.

When he got the ASP packet we had a gut feeling that this band was gonna be good. We popped it into the stereo in his truck and listened to some of the most amazing metal I've ever heard.

ALL SHALL PERISH has the brutality of death metal (Dying Fetus style), the heart of hardcore (think a totally unforgiving Bleeding Through) and the epic sound of (don't laugh) Manowar.

I don't go around and push bands onto people. But this
is one of those that I think everyone I've played their music for has loved. They're young, superbly talented, and some of the sweetest bunch of guys I've ever met. (Not to mention they're all good looking :P)The bond between the band members is awesome... most of them have known each other since they were little.

They got signed to Nuclear Blast not even a month ago and soon they're gonna be EVERYWHERE.

Check out the website.
Download ALL the Mp3s.
Every song is different from the next and wonderful in it's own way.

They really appeal to females because despite the brutality of the first to songs, Deconstruction and Laid to Rest, they're love songs. HA!
"Your smile... your deep brown eyes.... your black hair

as dark as night..."
Just fucking awesome.
And if your on MYSPACE they have an account there too.
Jump on this bandwagon.
If you don't like it I'll let you punch me right in the jaw :)

Pit and Crowd Etiquette at Shows

Damn! I accidently posted this to my regular LJ...

I thought it may be benefical to post about this topic to those of you who may be new to the scene, or just haven't been educated on the topics of "Pit Etiquette." Pit etiquette also ties into Crowd etiquette. Meaning... things to and not to do when you are on an open floor at a show.

People: Feel free to add your own pet peeves and tips.
I'm sure that no one will admit to not knowing what they are doing, but those who weren't aware, may have a better experience at their next show b/c of this.

Here we go...

~ General ~

- ALWAYS wear shoes that are secure on your feet. Nothing is funnier that the doof that wears loose shoes, goes in the pit, or even just the crowd, and the shoe flies around for the next hour.
- OK, your at a kick ass show.... The crowd is tight, it's a good band, naturally - there are alot of people there... DO NOT get all pissed when someone bumps into you or happens to make some sort of contact with you. YOU'RE IN A CROWD AT A METAL SHOW! This WILL happen. Don't elbow, spit at, kick, knee, etc the person near you just b/c they are stuck next to you in a CROWD. Now, if they are being obnoxious (doing those things I just listed), you can do what I do, and simply educate them. How so? Depends on the situation. Kindly tell them they are acting like a dumb asshole or punch them in the face. hehe. (You may think I am violent, but honestly, only when it's deserving ;-)


- OK, crowd surfing is cool, fun, whatever...the first few times. Definitely something that everyone should experience. However, DO NOT compete w/ yourself or anyone else as to how many times you can get up and float to the stage. C.S. is also reserved for those beginning to feel ill or like they are going to pass out and need to get out quick. HELP these people.
- DO NOT wear spikes (belts, jackets, boots, etc) if you plan on surfing. Think about it... People's hands are holding you up, why are you going to stab them? Plus, if the crowd falters, your spikes could do some damaged, break skin, etc. Who wants some strangers blood all over you?

If you are ever at the same show as me, and I see you obnoxiously crowd surfing, I will punch you in the face as hard as I can and call you an asshole.

~ Making your way through a stage crowd ~

- Take into consideration that if you didn't get there early, others did that are not going to be happy about giving up their spot. 1. Get there earlier next time. 2. Suck it up. Standing 2 feet further back in a crowd really - honestly - isn't going to make much of a difference. Trust me!

I had the oppertunity this passed year to bring my 15 yr old bro to the Unearth video shoot for The Great Dividers. This was an awesome way to teach him about the etiquette, being as we were hard core dancing, moshing, and everything in a much more relaxed environment.

Feel free to add to or comment on all this. Some people reading this will agree, who knows, some may even get bent. Whatever. I'm bored at work....